The recent drama surrounding the English Monarchy has more to do with the weak sibling relationship than power struggle between the two duchesses. Here are my 2 cents on the latest brouhaha.

While pop culture and social media were abuzz pitting one woman (once again) against another, a sane article came from a surprising source - Buzzfeed. Check the link below

While it is a good article that throws light on state of media in today's world, it entangles us into lazy thinking that this is a matriarchal issue. This is not a cat fight and i don't believe it was ever a Meghan vs Kate issue.

Lets agree on one point that every family has issues and the family of HRH is no different. When new people join in any family , in this case a very large , wealthy and notable family there are bound to be some ripples. The fact that it happened and is still happening in front of the media does not help. Now we can have a whole debate about privileges , private jets, Frogmore house renovations...etc and i could just be playing the devils advocate here but with all things in life , i believe there is more than meets the eye.

The heart of the issue that is unfolding should be seen more from a psychological point of view than a political ( if you are living under a rock , google - Sussexes ' stepping down from Royal duties).

I believe it dates back to the fateful day of 15th Sept 1984 when Prince Harry was born. For a quick history lesson, Princess Diana had been in labour for close to 9 hours when Prince Harry came. She had suffered a miscarriage the year before. Prince Charles sarcastically commented on the gender of the newborn and then went notoriously to play polo in the evening. Needless to say the relationship between Diana and Charles went downhill from there steeply and quickly.

When you read about Charles's sad comments about Harry like " oh God, its a boy" on the day of his birth, it is safe to assume his EQ is not very high. Whether it was just a jibe at Diana or sheer callousness on his part, it would be safe to assume he has not been a very loving father, at least not to Prince Harry.

This brings me to my next point which is the relationship between the two brothers- Prince Harry and Prince William. Preliminary observations at first glance would lead us to believe that the relationship between the two brothers was very good before the two misses joined HRH. I think otherwise.

For William to be looked as the heir to the Royal throne and for Harry to grow in his brother's shadows , it was inevitable that the two brothers would take very different paths. It is important to remember that Harry was 12 when Diana died and no doubt always had the British media reminding him of his father's distaste not only for Diana but his very self. Which boils down to the main point that is – Meghan or no Meghan this was to be.

This brings me to my last point.

Preaching that Harry has "daddy issues" would be making light of a very serious problem at heart here. The problem that i am referring to is that of a broken family. A plethora of problems arise when you don't grow in a loving and stable family. Problems that don't always surface immediately.

With Charles, dividing his time between his royal duties , rounds of polo/golf and what not he failed miserably in his most important duty. That of being a good father to his children. I would be astounded if someone told me Prince Charles invested in growing his relationship with his children or if he invested in making sure that both his boys had a strong loving relationship towards each other.

I am not a psychologist, psychoanalyst or a historian and i could be 100% wrong about all of this but in my meeting of various people from all walks of life from different parts of the world, one thing that i am sure of is that in analyzing strained relationships there is always more beneath the surface.

Time will tell how this story unfolds, how much more drama is still left or what good comes out of this . Maybe there is a tell- all book in the making? ( I will pre-order that in a jiffy ! )

Whatever be the case lets us all give more thought to what the media throws at us and wants us to believe.