There are a gazillion and one articles out there which articulate why it is worthwhile to write on the daily or maintain a journal. I was part of the anti *** club and never bothered to actually test this until working from home seems to be the new normal. Coming up with excuses is my forte so I did not think this journaling/writing was all that it is drummed up to be ... that is until now!

While I have the same hours in a day to devote to anything new (less camaraderie with colleagues but more time in front of the laptop) , I do feel I have more energy to devote to things that give me pleasure. Case in point painting and writing. Time that has helped me to relax and re-focus.

I started writing here back in early 2020 thanks to a very thoughtful gesture by my partner (He came up with the name and built the site). A year later now, even though I have not been consistent with the blogs I have enjoyed writing the few that I have. Re-reading them is a mixed bag though as the flaws are so glaring. Yet the overall feeling to know that I managed to publish some 8 blogs over a span of a one year proves I am not a complete moron. Despite my very peculiar procrastinations I have tried to be somewhat regular in my writing and I that is ok. While it is easy to start a new hobby, a new project, a new diet , it is what I have learnt over the years of many a failed projects/hobbies that consistency matters. The ability to continue on your journey without falling off the wagon is a job well done or more accurately time well spent. Also while my viewership is/was/might be nil - it is likely that that's what makes it fun for me!

So long story short why does it really matter? It being in my case writing.

Here are a few points I think why it matters you start journaling today or start writing a few short notes everyday (post-its do not count)

  1. It brings disciple.

From handy dandy phones to organizers to virtual assistants there are a million and one ways on how to manage your life yet I think it is increasingly becoming difficult to find a " normal" that sticks. To not let the tide of busyness overwhelm you - to maintain some kind of bonhomie perhaps ? In word while it does not makes sense the reality is plain in that disciple does bring joy. When you push your self to be discipled you see the results. The results are the joy. Whether intended or unintended , the results show in no ambiguous terms what works and what does not. This then is what ultimately leads you closer to whatever success means to you.

2. It invigorates you

Writing is to brain as massage is to body. Barring those bad dare I say NSFW massage experiences , it is a safe assumption that massages are usually pleasant. You feel reinvigorated and refreshed even after a semi decent one. The same stands true for writing. My blogs are strewn with grammatical and literary errors yet they are deeply satisfying. Might not be for you but for me.

3. Time well spent

No readers no problem, it is the writing in itself that matters. From cooking to playing games ...heck even for reading (albeit some books for eg....V, I have no idea what's going on in this book even after 3 attempts and 3 will be my last) no avocation has left me bathing in self love - more than writing. There is uber eats for eating, twitch for gaming and audible for reading but writing? is joyful and wholesome only when you put pen to the paper (or tiny digital dots on a computer screen).

4. Progress

Stats are boring and so are those that make a living out of it (sorry accountants, actuaries and the club) but not when it applies to you. Your health, your wealth or in this case your skills...writing to be specific. As I have said multiple times my blogs are not the most eloquent or always "fodder for thought" per se but they have been on a progressive upturn. Progress on how I have managed to give shape to a story or managed to get my points across , progress on how to look for details or tweeze out the finer errors. Progress , isn't that what ultimately matters?

In a nutshell while my blogs might not have led to strides in new research or ignited a few fires they have been helpful to self-introspect. To reveal in a sense of who I am, where my thoughts have been and what my tiny brain makes of the world .

Writing has been a great journey , a journey insofar as much that I preach to others to partake in it. Here's wishing you happy writing.